Earthquake Day

Those of us of a certain age commemorate March 27 as “Earthquake Day.” The Big Earthquake of 1964 etched indelible memories for all of us who were here. That year, March 27 was also Good Friday and Anchorage schools were out for the day. The Earthquake lasted for five minutes and was recorded at 9.2 on the Richter scale. There were many sad, scary and “just missed” tales to tell after that afternoon. Junior Towne was filled with families selecting their Easter best in the store. One little boy, the member of a prominent Anchorage family (we won’t name any names), was being quite a pill, not wanting to try on the suit his mother had selected for him. She finally got him to go in the boys dressing room downstairs to see how it fit.   She closed the door and went to the cash register when the Earthquake started. The boy spent the entire Earthquake in the dressing room. (Please remember that no one could even stand up with the shaking going on.) The boy’s first words when the quake was over were “Mom, I didn’t do it.”

We’ve been here a long time (53 years) and have a lot of tales to tell. We really enjoy being a unique part of Alaska.

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