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What’s New from the ABC Show

Sunday, September 20th, 2009

One of the exciting and heartbreaking things about this time of the year is getting to see all the new products at the All Children’s and Babies  (ABC) Show in Las Vegas. Exciting because just when you think that they could not come up with anything more for children, someone has a totally new concept that blows you away. Heartbreaking because what you buy has to fit into a budget and you can’t buy everything in sight.!

Some of the new and innovative products that I saw while there:

The hot topic for the entire show was “organics,” whether it was in clothing, toys, bedding, or whatever. Sage Creek Organics had some very cute layette clothing for spring. Under the Nile (high quality from Egypt) had terrific new prints in their playsets. Vuilli was featuring natural rubber toys perfect for teething, including Sophie the Giraffe, a retro-pattern dating from the 50’s. Ergo Baby had some wonderful new fabrics in their organic baby carrier line. And finally even Robeez has some organic baby shoes for spring.

Three things of special interest to Alaskans were the new Arctic Baby Carrier by JJ Cole, a heavier version of their Bundle Me, 7 AM’s new colors for their baby carseat covers (love those Canadians!) and
new rainsuits by a company from New Zealand perfect for our weather.

Another new item which is a great idea with the increasing number of C-sections is the C-Panty for faster healing.

Baby Legs, Jujube diaper bags, Mud Pie, Little Giraffe and See Kai Run show are just a few of the companies coming out with great colors and amazing textures.

Many of these items are on the way to Junior Towne now but others we won’t see until spring. They are all worth the wait.

See you soon!

Klaus the Legend

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009
klaus at 90

klaus at 90

One of the really fun parts of being in business so long (Junior Towne was started by my family in 1956) is meeting some of the people who are legends in the industry. Klaus Obermeyer imigrated to the United States in the mid-40’s, realized the potential that Aspen, Colorado had as a ski capitol and proceeded to do something about it. He and a friend started the first ski school and legend has it that some of his students were cold and he went home and sewed up the first down ski coat from an old quilt that he had brought with him from Austria. The ski outerwear company SportObermeyer was born and countless innovations later has become the leader in top quality, stylish ski and winter apparel. Personally meeting Klaus some years ago and speaking with him on the phone several times, I was struck by his boundless energy and enthusiasm for life. I have never met someone with a more positive attitude. This year Klaus turns 90 and is still going strong. Wow!

SportObermeyer  is one of the best brands we carry in terms of customer service, quality and great colors for kids winter jackets, one piece snowsuits and accessories. Year after year little innovations such as attached hidden mitten clips, I-grow features (let out an extra 1.5 inches in most garments), and sustainable fabrics made from recycled polyester make Obermeyer tough to beat.  Our Obermeyer is in for kids, drop by soon before the termination dust gets any closer.

Happy 90th, Klaus!

Mom’s Sleep Beliefs Affect Baby’s Nights

Wednesday, September 2nd, 2009

It is interesting sometimes to reflect how worlds intersect. Last night I was reading the Wall Street Journal and ran across an article regarding a study done predicting how well a baby will sleep at night. (“Mom’s Sleep Beliefs Affect Baby’s Nights” by Sue Shellenbarger, WSJ, 9/02/09, pg. D2). According to a study done in Israel and factoring out extraneous conditions, an expectant mom’s beliefs regarding how to get a baby to sleep is predictive of how well a a baby will actually sleep after it is born. Mothers who believe that  drawing boundaries and letting them cry a little will have better sleepers than those who believe that those babies that cry during the night need to be soothed and comforted when you first hear them. Interesting observations. I have always been in the camp that believed in rocking and getting them back to sleep, but then again I was sleep deprived for the first eighteen months of my sons lives. The first time they slept through the night it felt like heaven! Thank goodness my husband was someone who got up with them, too! At any rate, this was an interesting article and an exert from the Journals Juggle blog which covers work and family issues. I heartily recommend this blog ( as it has great thoughts and interesting articles regarding family and work issues.

PS-Here at Junior Towne we carry Gripewater for colic, back to sleep CDs and Mothersound Lambs by Cloud B for all of you still in the can’t get them to sleep mode.